A Different Set of Rules

A major credit card company used to advertise, “Membership is a privilege.”  Leadership in the local church is also a privilege!
Those who lead in the Word and Worship need to understand that they “play by a different set of rules.”  Children and youth leaders are also held to higher standards.  Churches do well to run background checks on all who work with our “precious ones.”  Actually, most church insurance companies make this a requirement.
What should we look for and expect in the lives of those who have “stage” time? 
1.     Not perfection, but a consistent lifestyle that speaks well of the Christ they represent.
2.     A teachable spirit that exudes a positive outlook toward life and people in general.
3.     One who understands and possesses a love for spiritual authority. Those who cannot submit to authority must never be allowed a place of leadership.
4    A cooperative, not competitive attitude.  We’re not on American Idol or The
5.     A spirit of excellence, always working to improve their talents.
6.     A team player that always has the backs of his co-laborers.  Good leaders always remember they are just one part of the “whole.”  They are mandated to speak well of the entire leadership team.  No gossip allowed.  We at Hope Community say, “We are a no-drama church!”     
7.     Finally, one who continually rids his life of offenses, grudges, bitterness and anger.  Many potentially effective people have disqualified themselves from leadership because they hold on to past hurts.  Those who choose to nurse and rehearse their offenses begin to view life and any potential ministry through a “clogged” filter.  Their body language and their words betray them.  They become toxic around others and the work of God.  None of us like to be around negative people, and pastors dare not allow such people to be “front and center.”  That kind of “stuff” transfers easily to other people! 
My heart’s desire is to see leaders and future leaders rise up in wholeness and allow the Lord to use their gifts to build His kingdom.  Healed leaders who shed the hurts of their past and come into a brand new day and anointing understand they are expected to play by a different set of rules. And do so gladly! This is a privilege, not punishment!



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