A Walk in Nature

Theologians tell us that God reveals Himself through General and Special Revelation.  In other words, He reveals Himself generally through nature and specifically in the Bible.  As I write, I am looking out the window of my home, marveling at the massive trees and beautiful terrain that surround me.  Ashtabula County really is a nice place to live.   Someone greater than I displays His handiwork!
The Designer has done well.  Centuries ago, the psalmist, while gazing upward was moved to write, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands” (Psalm 18:1).
As a boy, I too witnessed God’s hand in creation.  Two incidents fashioned my belief in God and served as precursors to my conversion to Christ at age 14. 
It was a lazy summer day in 1963.  I was playing outdoors when suddenly I experienced a “visit from above.”  While swinging, I gazed high into the sky and was immediately overcome with emotion.  A loving presence embraced me and I cried openly as I basked in “His” wonderful love and warmth.
I can remember thinking, “I want to be a preacher.”  Later I wondered, “What is a preacher?”  You see, I wanted to preach before I personally knew the Lord! 
Five years later this unseen guest again revealed Himself to me in the middle of a severe summer thunderstorm.  For reasons I cannot remember, I retreated to our garage for solace after feeling quite upset with a family situation.  I was lonely and needing connection.
Torrents of rain eroded places in our gravel driveway.  The rain pounded heavily on the roof, and I reacted strongly to the noisy confusion.  I cried out, “God, if you’re real, make it stop raining on the roof only, and let it keep falling everywhere else.”  Immediately, the garage became quiet as heavy rainfall continued to pour around me.  Someone heard a 12-year-old boy’s request.  Overcome by emotion, I wept profusely.  Again, I was blanketed with love when heaven responded.
Two years later I heard a sermon about the Rapture of the Church preached by the late Donald Schorsch.  The same God, who twice revealed Himself to me in nature, spoke to me directly through His Word.  And I was what Jesus referred to as “born again.”  John 3:3 says, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” 
Isn’t it wonderful that the Holy Spirit used 44 writers over a period of 1,600 years to bring the written Word to us?  From time to time, I’m asked the infamous question, “Will the heathen be saved?”  I was!   Both General and Special Revelation were imparted into my life.  The God of nature and the Author of the written Word is no respecter of persons.  He desires that all come to know Him intimately. 

The next time you feel down, take a walk and survey the beauties of nature.  Enjoy the designs and ask the Designer to touch you!



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