Acts 29

Acts is the history book of the Early Church.  It bridges the Gospels with the Epistles.  The Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – provide us with snapshots into the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  The book of Acts gives accounts of His amazing power and work in the lives of first-century Christians.  And the Epistles – letters by Paul, Peter, John, James and whoever wrote Hebrews – show us how to walk out the intricacies of daily Christian living.
Acts is a fascinating narrative that depicts the lives of the Apostles and others who were empowered by the Spirit of God.  Many refer to the book as the Acts of the Apostles, but really and more accurately, Acts describes the work of the Holy Spirit through the Apostles.  It is a fast-moving, glorious account of how the resurrected Christ moved in and through yielded people, when they allowed the Holy Spirit access into their daily lives.  Miraculous stories fill its pages!
The book of Acts has 28 chapters; however, I believe the Spirit of God is still at work in lives today.  He is “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and forever” (Hebrews 13:8); and the Acts storyline has been continued into chapter 29!  I know the canon of Scripture (the Bible itself) has been closed, but perhaps you know what I’m saying.  In other words, miracles are still happening and should be expected in today’s church, as the Holy Spirit continues to flow through faith-filled people.
Does God still do miracles?  Does He still suspend the laws of nature to display His power and love?  Should we expect to see His miracle-working power in today’s world?  I believe so!  As I look around, I see many who stand in need of divine intervention, where nothing short of a miracle is needed!   Certainly, we need to amp up our prayer lives. 
Years ago, I heard David Wilkerson say, “Don’t seek miracles, seek Jesus; for when you seek Jesus with your whole heart, miracles follow.  The book of Acts confirms time and again that miracles happened to everyday people like you and me who spent time with Jesus.  In Acts 4:13 we read the story about Peter and John, who were boldly witnessing for the Lord when it got them in trouble!  Even unbelievers “took note that those (two) men had been with Jesus.”
Do you know Jesus personally?  Let me encourage you to “hang out with Him” on a regular basis.  Spend time worshiping Him.  Tell Him your deepest longings.  Set aside time everyday to read His Word, the Bible.  Remember, we become like who we spend time with.  We pick up their attitudes, their habits, even their conduct.  Jesus wants to inundate us with His nature, His loveliness, and His pure attributes – His Spirit!  He wants to fill us with His love and power.  And when we make hanging out with Him a priority, I believe we will see the miracles we so desperately need and long for in our lives and the lives of those we love.    



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