Beer and the Richter Scale

I admit it.  I don’t like beer.  It’s not because I’ll go to hell in a hand basket if I drink it; I simply don’t like the taste of beer.  My choice of beverage is normally coffee.  Can I get an “AMEN?”
Back when, I was taught that alcoholic beverages were a “no-no” for believers.  Our teetotaler theology was non-negotiable.  Some went so far as to say, “Real Christians avoid alcoholic drinks – period!”  I don’t know about that, but battle lines continue to be drawn.
And I do know that if my wife and I appeared on Facebook eating dinner with a cold brew on our table, the subsequent backlash and tremors would measure at least 8.2 on the spiritual Richter Scale!  I feel my witness for the Lord would definitely be compromised.  That’s my conviction only!
Before you chew your knuckles to the bone, remember that non-Christians often kid about buying their six-packs and getting wasted.  And before you chew your knuckles completely off, I get the “in moderation” thing!
At any rate, many would lose respect for us.  I know this to be true.  Why? Right or wrong, many would say that Roger and Lori should not be drinking beer because they’re pastors. Opinions are many and strong!!  And sadly, many Christians are willing to declare war on one another, even if it means deeply judging and maligning one another. 
On the flipside, I refuse to put my personal convictions on to others in the name of biblical truth.  Alcoholic beverages have always been a source of contention in the church.  Those “for” and those “against” continue to justify their stands – both using Bible verses! 
What’s my point? 
We tend to single out beer and a few other things, all the while struggling with our own less obvious issues.  I tire of Christians and non-Christians alike when they judge others who disagree with their likes and dislikes.  Be careful not to put your personal convictions on to others.  Don’t forget.  We have a private life and a public life.  May they both bring honor to Jesus; and since He has saved us, let’s allow Him to perform any housekeeping needed in our lives.
It seems to me that the real issue is not beer, but anything that steals our affections away from the Lord.  When I stand before the Lord, I’m just sure He will not ask, “Did you drink beer?”  But, He may ask, “Did you do everything you could to make My name great in the earth?”
Oh, by the way, another reason I avoid alcohol is because I don’t want anyone on the edge to fall away from the Lord.  By this I mean not becoming a stumbling block to those for whom the jury is still out regarding their personal choice.
May my life speak well of Him who saved me by His grace.  But again, beer is not the real issue.  A final thought:  I think we can all agree that getting intoxicated is a no-brainer and something that should not be seen among Christ followers.  Allow the Holy Spirit to always control your life.  Paul makes this abundantly clear in Ephesians 5:18, “Do not get drunk on wine (beer), which leads to debauchery.  Instead, be filled with the Spirit.”



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