Body Language

Did you know that we often talk without opening our mouth?  We call this body language.  Please take a moment to answer the following questions.
What does it mean:
1.  When people roll their eyes?
2.  When people do not make eye contact or move their eyes around the room when you’re talking to them?
3.  When people stand around with their arms folded?
4.  When people stand at a distance refusing to say anything?
5.  When people walk into a room and say nothing as they make their way through the crowd?
6.  When people remain awkwardly silent?
You well know the answers.  Body language can hold us back from connecting with others.  It’s easy to read but can be wrongly interpreted.  I’m not talking about being shy; I’m referring to poor people skills.  Throw in uninviting or even poker-faced looks and matters only worsen.  
We need to understand the power of body language.  Dr. Richard Dobbins called it the “invisible imprint,” or the vibe we get or give away when others come around us.  People exude both negative and positive vibes.  How do they feel when you enter a room? 
Do you struggle with relationships?  Is it tough for you to make new friends?  Do people avoid you?  While in a crowd, do you find it difficult to mix with others?  If so, you may need to take an honest look at the vibe or feeling you bring into a given setting.  It may be holding you back from enjoying healthy personal interactions.  
Be honest with the guy you see in the mirror!  Ask yourself, “How do I make people feel when I’m with them?  Your open, honest answer to this question could mean the difference between having friends or spending your life secluded and lonely.   



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