Dream the Impossible Dream!

Calling all dreamers!

An obscure verse found in Genesis 37:5 says, “And Joseph had a dream.”  This full color, ambiguous, two-part dream launched him toward his life’s work.  His dream provides a backdrop for dreamers today.  It has the makings of a made-for-television movie!  Before I continue, however, let me define the word “dream,” as seen in Joseph’s life.  A “dream” is an assignment from the Throne of God.  It may or may not occur in your sleep!

Dreamers “see” before they see!  Disneyland Park is the first of two Walt Disney theme parks built in the United States.  Located in Anaheim, California, Disneyland Park opened July 17, 1955 and is the only theme park directly built under the supervision of Walt Disney. 

Today, millions travel annually to his second American theme park located just outside of Orlando, Florida. Walt Disney passed away in 1968, before his second park was constructed. Mrs. Walt Disney was present at the grand opening of the Florida Park.  Someone said to her, “I sure wish Walt had been able to see this day.”  Walt’s widow replied, “He did!”

Dreamers are visionaries.  They first see in their mind’s eye and subsequently, with their physical eyes.  The world needs more dreamers!  Every company, business, restaurant, supermarket, bank, theme park, church, or whatever is the result of someone’s dream. 

“Joseph dreamed a dream.”  His was a two-part dream that launched him on a thirteen-year all expense paid trip to the pit, to Potiphar’s house, to prison and finally to the palace.  He suffered betrayal, false accusations, lonely days, family dysfunction and more – plenty of reasons to abort his dream.  However, he continued to push forward.  He refused to be victimized by life’s drama.

Don’t think for a minute that dreaming is easy.  All God-given dreams come with a price.  Time will tell if a given dream was initiated by God or by bad pizza the night before!  Dreamers must expect setbacks, critics, misunderstandings, financial challenges, inconveniences, and a host of other difficulties.  Having dreams is commendable, but I think we need to quit glorifying them at the expense of denying reality.  The fulfillment of any dream exacts a toll – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc., but the end results make it worthwhile!  We enjoy Disneyland because Walt and countless others paid the ultimate price to bring it into existence.

The difference between dreaming and daydreaming is that one pushes through and the other never gets off the ground.  Most dreams are shelved at the first hint of struggle and inconvenience.  After all, who relishes pain that more often than not accompanies progress?  Not me!  God-given dreams begin by showing us the end result, not what we may have to endure to see them come to pass.  In the meantime, faith often is taken to inexplicable depths.  Ask Joseph.

When God gives us a dream or a prophetic word, He does not give us a play by play. In Joseph’s case He showed him (generally speaking) his future capacity as a ruler over his brothers; but I don’t think Joseph ever understood the full extent of his dream until he actually arrived at the palace of Pharaoh as Prime Minister. 

First, he was required to endure the pit, Potiphar and prison.  And because of his internal drive, literally thousands of people escaped death by famine.  His food distribution program made his thirteen-year trek to the palace worth all the pain, sacrifices and struggles.

Dreamers cannot be cowards.  They dare not faint in the day of adversity.  They have to possess the tenacity of a bulldog – holding on to their dream with a grip that cannot be pried off.

What dream has God given you?  Pursue it with passion. Remember, you may have a burden to do something, but dreamers need not only to possess a burden.  They need unstoppable passion!

Almost 45 years ago God gave me a dream to plant a church in my hometown.  I’m not a martyr, but in retrospect, nothing has come easy.  Hope Community Church, located at 573 Goodale Road, south of the village of Jefferson, Ohio, stands as a fulfillment of my dream.  People who are far from God are finding new life in Christ.

Every time someone comes to faith in Christ, I am reminded that although the dream came with sacrifice, it has been worth it all to know that this God-given dream is fulfilling its purpose.  And the best is yet to come!

The dream inside you will be time tested.  Hold on!  Time and the faithfulness of God, along with your ability to “hold firm” will keep you on track during the difficult days.  Your dream will surely come to pass according to God’s timetable.  Along the way, He will fine-tune it, using circumstances to make you more like Jesus, so that in the end, your dream will stand as a testimony of His grace and provision. 

Joseph received his two-part dream at age 17 and walked through the palace doors at age 30.  That thirteen-year interlude at times took him to his breaking point, but in the end his famine relief program saved entire nations from perishing.  Remember, dreams are not given to build monuments to our greatness, but as a means to expand God’s plan and purpose on the earth.   



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