Enabling Brokenness

The worst thing we can do is enable others to remain in their brokenness. If God’s people are to be healthy, we cannot entitle other believers in their broken state. Here’s where many evangelical churches struggle to find balance in ministry. We cannot come across in a condemning way, we must not employ shame and condemnation in our message, but neither can we allow individuals to feel secure in their brokenness, especially if their brokenness causes church difficulties. No one changes if allowed to remain unchallenged.

It’s simply not God’s desire that we remain broken. He wants to make available an abundant life that supersedes and overrides our broken areas. Dr. Dobbins poses the question, “How much of the saved man will be saved?” Every individual needs to ask himself this soul-searching question. I appreciate Dobbins’ insightful teaching, as all of us tend to compartmentalize our faith – determining which kingdoms of our heart we surrender, and which ones we choose to conceal. We used to sing, “Jesus, be the Lord of all the kingdoms of my heart.” May this be our continued prayer!

I know this question sounds a little personal, but think about it. What broken areas in your life have you yet to surrender to the Lord? What mental or emotional pain continues to wreak havoc with your emotions and keeps you from enjoying fullness of joy? What broken areas are keeping you from enjoying healthy relationships? Have you been one-hundred percent honest with yourself and the Lord? I’m not referring to salvation issues here; I’m talking about soul issues – hurts, habits, and hang-ups – that raise their ugly heads after our initial salvation experience. Remember, you are forgiven, but your sin nature works tirelessly to pull you back into sin, by triggering your broken areas. The enemy can only access those areas of unhealed pain that serve as triggers. Ask the Lord to help you identify those triggers, repent of any unforgiveness you may hold, and ask Him to drive the painful memories out of your soul. Be healed today, in Jesus’ name!

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