Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines are going off the air after their fifth season on HGTV.  Many “Fixer Upper” fans are disappointed—including me! 
The other day I was thinking about our upcoming “Freedom Ministries” class, when it occurred to me that what the Gaines do to homes, God wants to do in OUR lives. 
My wife and I are on a quest for healing.  Hopefully, you’ve read my blog entitled, “Teeter-Totter” where I outline the role of body, soul and spirit as they pertain to our tri-part being.  My premise remains:  The healing of the soul is often minimized or even neglected in most preaching. 
Many Christ followers are on their way to heaven because they have placed their faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, but frankly aren’t enjoying the trip because they hold on to hurts, habits and hang-ups that keep them imprisoned in their past.  Remember, the soul is comprised of a person’s mind, will and emotions.  God of course, desires that we walk out of those things that hold us back from true freedom.  Keep in mind that while salvation is the “miracle of a moment,” the on-going healing of the soul is mostly worked out in process. Both salvation and soul healing, however, involve surrender to God.
At the beginning of each episode, Chip and Joanna find a suitable home for each excited couple. Then after the new and improved look is agreed upon, Chip does what he refers to as “Demo-day.”  He seems to really enjoy this aspect of the “fixer upper.”  He and his crew go in and demolish everything that needs renovation and/or replacement.  Walls get knocked down, kitchen counters are torn out, bathrooms are gutted, flooring is removed, etc.  Next, the Gaines refurbish according to plan.  Then, Joanna places the final decorative touches inside each home; and at show’s end, they unveil the finished product to a waiting and ecstatic couple.
This is what God wants to do in our lives.  He first takes an original project that has been negatively impacted by time and life in general (US). He then shows us where we are not walking in freedom and gives us a game plan to walk out of our pain.  He then begins demolition – exposing those hidden away, “rooms” in our heart that need to be removed or refurbished. Then as we surrender to His truths versus our formerly held lies, He begins a process that brings beauty and a new look into our lives.  Only when we see Jesus face to face will our “fixer upper” be totally renovated!

“Freedom Ministry” is designed to place tools in the hands of God’s people who perhaps unknowingly live below their “Calvary privileges” — the fullness of God’s grace and the abundant life afforded to them because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross.
Each Monday evening, beginning October 9 at 7:00 p.m., my wife and I will bring biblically sound “freedom teaching”, which will be followed by times of introspection and prayer.  Hope Community Church welcomes you to participate in this six-week, life-changing course.  How can you know if “Freedom Ministry” is for you? Take a moment to answer the following questions.  If you answer “yes” to any, then you need “Freedom Ministry.”
Do you…
1.     Get easily offended?
2.     Easily offend others?
3.     Readily get your feelings hurt?
4.     Struggle with insecurity, rejection, anger, depression, jealousy, lust or unforgiveness?
5.     Have difficulty making and sustaining friendships?
OR, have you…
6.     Left behind a trail of broken relationships?
7.     Spent your life blaming others for your pain?
8.     Been molested or raped?
9.     Experienced emotional, mental, verbal or sexual abuse
10. Struggled with substance abuse of any kind?
THEN, let me ask you one final question: Are you breathing?
If you answered “yes” to this question, then you need “Freedom Ministry!”
 Final note:  Childcare will be provided.



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