Invisible Imprint

What feelings come to mind when you think about Adolph Hitler?  Billy Graham? Sister Teresa? Marilyn Monroe?  Barney Fife?  Hugh Hefner?  Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse?  What about Jesus Christ?
What feelings come to mind when you think about yourself?
Years ago Dr. Richard Dobbins wrote a book entitled, “Invisible Imprint,” which helped me to understand why I’m drawn to some people and repelled by others.  As a believer, of course, we are admonished to love one another.  I get that.  But, like you, there are some people I just don’t like.  When I see them coming, I want to run the other direction! 
Dr. Dobbins defines visible imprint as “what others feel when in our presence.”
He writes, “Throughout our lives, in both subtle and profound ways, every human being leaves invisible imprints that influence the people in our lives.  They leave their imprints on us.  Some people call them vibes or impressions.”
Why are some physically unattractive people so popular, while others who are beautiful and handsome so miserable to be around?  The answer, Dr. Dobbins writes, is found in their presence – the feelings they create in others.  Our presence is the product of our choices over time.
Wow!  Isn’t this concept self-revealing?  Now I understand why some people are hard for me to be around.  I just don’t want what’s in them to get on me!  This statement perhaps sounds arrogant, but at this juncture in my life, I don’t care to hear about any unnecessary drama; hate-filled, judgmental or critical comments, negative in-put; family and friend altercations, etc.
I’m working feverishly to get myself in alignment with God’s plan and purposes for this season of my life.  I think I know what vibes I give off when I’m around people – both positive and negative, and I’m asking the Lord to help me to exude a positive, Christ-honoring presence.
Remember, all of us make choices on a continued basis that impact the presence we demonstrate to others; so let’s determine to make the best choices possible, as we look to God’s Word for direction and as we place our days in God’s care and direction.
Are you holding on to past choices and mistakes that make you give off negative vibes?  Do people tend to avoid a long-term relationship with you?  What kind of vibe or visible imprint to you emit?  Be bold!  Ask the Lord to show you what others feel when in your company. 
The worse thing we can do is to blame others for how we act!  Or how we feel. We are responsible for our own vibe!  Think about it!
Your belief system reflects the choices you make throughout life and determine the presence you exhibit around others.  Make it a positive one! Remember…
If you accept a belief, you reap a thought.
If you sow a thought, you reap an attitude.
If you sow an attitude, you reap an action.
If you sow an action, you reap a habit.
If you sow a habit, you reap a character.
If you sow a character, you reap a destiny.
What invisible imprint are you emitting today?



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