It’s National “What” Day?

It seems we’re always looking for something to celebrate.  Americans sure are party animals!  I get tickled at some of the celebrations:
·      National Chocolate Day (Yummy)
·      National Pierogie Day (for our Hungarian friends)
·      National Angel Food Cake Day (Can’t wait for Carrot Cake Day)
·      National Moldy Cheese Day (Really?)
·      National Fossil Day (That reminds me, I saw Godzilla with his size fifteens at Walmart the other day)
·      National Kick Butt Day (Go Cavs)
·      National Clergy Appreciation Day (I like this one)
And of course, the potential celebrations run off the page.  Go ahead.  Celebrate to your heart’s content.  What celebratory days do you suggest for our daily national calendar? 
If I may, let me suggest several calendar celebrations specifically for Christ followers.  How about…
·      National Forgive Your Spouse Day
·      National Honor and Respect Others Day
·      National No Gossip Day
·      National Pray for those in Authority Day
·      National Get Along with Everyone Day
·      National Keep Your Mind Pure Day
·      National It’s not about Me Day
·      National Golden Rule Day
·      National No Negativity Day
·      National No Drama Day
·      The list is inexhaustible
Did you notice that the National Day Celebrations in these two lists move generally from “doing” to “being?” 
Here’s the bottom line:  We don’t need a special day on the calendar to act like followers of Christ and to make a difference in “our world,” or the sphere of influence God gives us.  The adage is still true which says, “WHO you are is so loud that I can’t hear what you’re saying.”
We celebrate (teach) what we know, but we impart WHO we are.  And that’s worth celebrating every day of the year!



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