Life’s Simple Pleasures

Living in the country again has opened my eyes to the wonders of life’s simple pleasures.  I watch a cow grazing in a nearby pasture and become somewhat amused to remember that a black and white Holstein eats green grass, and gives white milk that when churned makes yellow butter!  Nature is often color-coded!
I marvel at the larger animals while at the same time wondering why God created pesky little insects like mosquitos that drive me into the house when the sun begins to hide away.  If you don’t think that little things matter, try going to sleep with just one mosquito in the room!  
I sit on my front porch and watch the high grass roll in waves as warm breezes move across the land.  Later my neighbor-farmer mows that very field and the smells of freshly cut hay bring back the simple memories of childhood when I walked behind and loaded hay wagons in Pierpont.
My flowerbeds and landscaping bring me deep satisfaction.  Little boys love to get dirty, but playing in the dirt is definitely a man’s game, too! 
Two fawns come out from hiding and I look behind them to see “mama doe” raise her head from grazing to monitor their safety.  About that time a huge groundhog runs across the yard and disappears under one of the out buildings.  His clawing and digging compromise once solid foundations and create a nuisance.
Tall trees blow stalwartly in gentle breezes that beckon onlookers to behold their beauty.  On warm days their shade cools and lowers our power bills!  These same trees announce approaching summer storms by folding their leaves.  At other times, stillness accompanies muggy days, making us appreciate evening’s lower temperatures.   Cooler night breezes allow us to sleep with the windows open.  Life is good!
Woodpeckers fill the woods behind our home with loud rattle-tattle-tattle and whippoorwills softly sing us to sleep and greet us at morning’s dawn, right after rooster crows precede the alarm clock!
And lest I forget, I recently fought back tears of joy when a rainbow appeared in the sky after a sultry summer storm, reminding me that God keeps His promises in my life and YOURS! 
Yes, the simple things bring us satisfaction.  And cost nothing!  Before summer’s end, take the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures with someone you love.  The Lord has given us “richly all things to enjoy” (1 Timothy 6:17)! 



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