Magnify Him!

Often my thoughts return to Psalm 34:3, “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His Name together.” The word, “magnify” captures my interest each time I recall this verse. 


I memorized Psalm 34:1-4 while a freshman at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri in 1974.  Let me give some background.  I grew up in Jefferson and for the most part never journeyed far from home during my first 18 years.  So to attend college in another state presented quite a challenge.  I was terribly homesick, feeling lonely and not sure I could remain in Missouri.


One evening I went to the college chapel and in a dark corner of the room cried out to the Lord for comfort and direction.  Inadvertently, I began reading Psalm 34 and experienced one of those life-changing encounters that so often accompany times of deep spiritual contemplation.


The Lord met me in a powerful way and the rest is history.  I, of course, remained at the college, met my future wife and earned a bachelor’s degree.  Psalm 34:3 literally altered the course of my life.  That’s the power of God’s Word!


“Oh, magnify the Lord with me…” This verse still sustains me during difficult days.  Here’s why:  What we “magnify” gets not only our attention, but controls our thoughts and actions.  What we magnify determines the outcome of our circumstances and can literally determine our destiny.


To “magnify” means to “enlarge or make larger.”  For example, failing eyesight and small print often make magnifying glasses necessary.  When placed on top of the print, the words are enlarged and reading is made easier. 


Whatever we enlarge gets our attention and determines outcome.  Focusing on the problem – enlarging the issue at hand – brings crippling fear into our lives and defeat.  But when we magnify the Lord, He puts our issues into a godly perspective, one where fear is not allowed to drive us.


Verse 4 says, “I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”  Jesus is our magnifying glass!  When we consider our circumstances through Him, He dispels fear and puts our current dilemma into a faith-filled perspective.  We’re then able to move forward in His strength.

Jesus is hope magnified!  He invites us to “magnify him,” thus experiencing His overcoming power in our lives to move on from fear to faith.  Are you facing a difficult challenge?  Stop where you are and “magnify the Lord.”  Praise Him!  He will minimize the devil’s strategy and maximize (enlarge) your faith




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