Miracles in Unexpected Places: A Lesson in Faith

We hear a lot today about miracles. And like the late Oral Roberts often said, “I believe in miracles!” Signs and wonders capture the attention of those who desperately need the Lord to intervene in their lives. I used to tell my churches that my wife and I experience signs and wonders every Sunday morning. “She gives me signs from the piano and I wonder what she’s saying?”

I never want to minimize this aspect of Christian teaching and experience. As a matter of fact, I presently need a miracle in my body. Daily I’m standing on God’s Word, trusting the Healer to touch me. I am “a man-in-waiting!”

However, if we’re not careful, we may overlook the smaller interventions of God in our daily lives. Let me share a recent miracle that richly blessed my wife and me.

Last summer, we enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon touring Amish country in central Ohio. The drive was spectacular, as we navigated roving hills and passed many Amish buggies. The Amish too were enjoying nature’s beauty. Things were going well until we stopped for gas. Somehow I managed to put diesel fuel in my tank. My wife stood beside me, watching as I readily placed the nozzle inside the vehicle. Neither of us panicked. As far as we were concerned, all was well. Normally, diesel nozzles do not fit into vehicles that require regular gasoline only. 

Innocently, we drove away, eager to resume our sight-seeing. After driving less than a mile, the motor began a loud knocking noise, and abruptly stopped on the open highway. Later we learned that diesel fuel had compromised the fuel system, destroying every related part. The estimated repair bill would be six-thousand dollars.

Our church elders agreed to pay the bill, which was a blessing beyond compare, and part one of the miracle! We were overwhelmed by their generosity. Two days after the incident, I thought it best to call our insurance company to report the incident. I said to my wife, “I’m just sure the insurance company will not pay for my gross miscalculation, but nevertheless I feel compelled to let them know.”

The agent put us in touch with a claims adjuster, who treated me with dignity and grace. I actually felt honored by his kind words and understanding heart. Two days later, our agent called, informing us that the company was going to cover the entire cost of replacing the destroyed fuel system! 

Can I tell you, that such things rarely if ever happen? Progressive Insurance Company applauded me for my honesty. The agent said, “Mr. Loomis, you were above board with us and we wish to be fair with you. We appreciate how you’ve handled this whole incident.”

My wife and I were surprised beyond words, and wept for joy. Psalm 25:21 says, “Let uprightness and integrity preserve me, for I wait on the Lord.” The Lord honored “truth in the inward part” (Psalm 51:6). We praised Him for showing us such love and mercy. Was it a miracle? Absolutely! 

I wonder. How many times have we failed to acknowledge the day to day miracles that come our way? Perhaps in our search for the more sensational miracles, we overlook the smaller – not less significant – interventions of the Lord. What has the Lord done for you recently for which you forgot to thank Him?  Pause this very moment and give Him praise!

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