Missing My Church Family

Now that we’ve been quarantined from church, unable to attend services, I feel a deeper love for Hope Community.  How I miss gathering with those 50-plus families I hold dear. I miss the “togetherness,” the praise and worship, the preached Word and the family atmosphere.  The energy and anticipation of corporate worship has enhanced my life beyond description. And I’m past ready to return!


What am I thinking about during this time?


1. I need my church family.  None of us were created to do life alone.  I need their funny stories, their prayers, even news of their struggles.  Their hugs, handshakes and smiles make life rewarding. I feel sad for those who build cases against any local church.  They don’t realize what they’re missing!  
2. I now realize that what I thought was so important is so trivial in the overall scheme of corporate worship.  Who cares what people wear?  What difference does it make which songs we choose?  So, what if the mics are not set right or the sound system is too loud for my taste.  What about less than good sermons? Nobody knocks it out of the park all the time! It’s not about me!  Why allow individual idiosyncrasies to bother me? I bring my own to the mix. Critical, unkind and unnecessary comments need not disturb me.  I have no brain space for such tomfoolery. That’s not why I go in the first place!


3. I miss being able to serve and encourage others.  We at Hope Community emphasize servant leadership over titles and positions.  We don’t own the church, we serve it with the gifts God has placed inside us. 


4. I’m using this time to text, email, write cards, send letters, use Facebook Live, You Tube or make calls to individuals as the Lord directs me.  Prayer is a wonderful tool God has given me to bless others and to invite “the kingdom of God to come to earth.”


5. I’m counting down the days to when I’m able to look into the faces of the crowd and grin from ear to ear.  I’m going to smile big, hug a lot, laugh loudly, even cry when the “family” is finally able to gather together again.  I can’t wait for “offering time”!


Hopefully, my perspective will have changed.  I will appreciate the essentials and vow to minimize the non-essentials, or personal preferences.  Just being together again will be enough.


Hope Community, I’m not sure when our doors will re-open for corporate worship, but this I know: I need — no, I long for — the love and support my church family provides for both now and eternity.  


In the meantime, keep the faith!  Love you all.  



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