Mr. Mole’s Skware Dancing Class

Life, of course, has to be taken seriously, but there are times when a good laugh is needed.  Nothing perhaps is healthier than learning to laugh at our own “funnies.”
As a boy I was shy.  Cripplingly shy.  I literally faked “whatever” to get out of standing in front of people.  This I did once while in second grade at Jefferson Elementary School. 
Music class was an extra-curricular event, which I despised.  Our teacher was Mr. Mole, a quiet, unassuming little man.  One day he announced that we were going to learn how to square dance.  I immediately conjured up a scheme to escape this terrifying prospect.  My plan would have worked well had I been a better speller, and my penmanship more convincing.  Let me explain. 
At church, I heard my pastor say that dancing was sinful.  That became my escape hatch!  My plan was carefully thought out and executed.   With pen in hand, I wrote a brief note to Mr. Mole.  It said, “Dear Mr. Mole.  Pleas excuze Roger from skware dancing because it is aginst are religun.  Thank you, Mrs. Loomis.”    
I confidently handed Mr. Mole my letter from home and made my way back to our regular classroom.  I had done it.  I got out of square dancing.  Yay!
The very next day, the “real Mrs. Loomis” sent a note to school saying, “Dear Mr. Mole, Roger was punished for lying to you and writing that note.  It won’t happen again!  Mrs. Joyce Loomis (576-5111).”

With a sore backside and forced resolve in my heart, I re-joined the square dancing class in progress!



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