My Best Friend

We’re told that if we have three good, loyal friends as we go through life, we are most fortunate.  Many say they have no friends.  This is most sad.  All of us have acquaintances we perhaps label as friends; however, life-long friends are the exception. 

Not long ago when I was preaching I made a statement that surprised both my audience and me!  I said, “Your spouse is hopefully your best friend.  Marriage is wonderful and meaningful when you sleep with your best friend.”

And I’m serious.  Lori Loomis is my best friend.  We met in January, 1976 while we were students at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.  At first we didn’t really like one another.  She thought I was stuffy.  I thought she was silly!  However, over time we began to appreciate the gifts inside each other and we recognized a mutual call to ministry.  We spent a lot of time together working on the college newspaper and yearbook, respectively. 

Time went on and by summer we were inseparable.  I remember thinking to myself one day, “Lori is not only my friend; she is my BEST friend!  One year later we married.  We began our lives together as best friends and constant companions.  We share life and love and there’s nothing we can’t talk about. 

And that’s the way it’s been for almost 41 years.  We both have a lot of acquaintances, but when each day ends, we find ourselves sharing life and love that makes our marriage solid and better with each passing year.  We share gifts, callings, four kids, six grandkids, ministry, Hope Community, and other interests.  And our differences serve to further enhance our relationship. 

I personally believe every married couple would have greater staying power and enjoyment if they were best friends before any love interests developed.  How sad to hear, “I love my wife, but I don’t like her. We have nothing in common anymore.”  Commonality can lead to boredom if passion is not rekindled but couples first need to understand the beauty and staying power of covenant.

Our God is a covenant-keeping God.  He kept His covenant with Israel, He keeps His covenant with us, and He wants us to be covenant-keeping people.  A marriage that is based on covenant principles far surpasses one that is built on contract.  Covenant draws and binds with chords not easily broken.  Contractual agreements are too easily shattered and forsaken.  God’s plan is that we not look for escape clauses in our marriage relationships. Starting out as best friends more readily concretes couples together in ways that fasten them together for the long haul.

Waking up to your best friend/marriage partner is special and brings life-long satisfaction.  And besides, it’s just always fun to hang out together!



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