My Teacher

Do you remember your elementary school teachers?  I do!  At Jefferson Elementary School I had in chronological order: Mrs. Baber, Miss Knapp, Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs. Kasefang, Mrs. DelPriore, Mrs. Haines, Miss Hamilton, and Miss Johnson.  All of them were fine teachers, but I remember Miss Carolyn Johnson with great fondness.
She was in her late 30’s when I walked into her classroom that September day in 1967.  I took note immediately that this woman was different than most. As I recall, most of my other teachers smiled little during the first six weeks of school, but Miss Johnson met each of us with a smile and a hug.  Most notably, she possessed a distinct walk, which I assumed was a “teacher thing.”  After all, Mrs. Haines had also walked with a limp.  One day, a fellow classmate imitated her walk for the entire class to see, when she suddenly appeared in the doorway.  He subsequently spent quite a long time leaning against the chalkboard with his nose buried in a small circle!
Miss Johnson made learning fun.  We never knew what to expect!  One day our class was learning about the sinus cavity.  Miss Johnson tried and tried to make us understand about mucus.  After several failed attempts, she yelled, “In other words, snot!”  Sixth graders understand that!
Another day, I was standing on the school playground when suddenly a football struck the back of my neck with such force that it knocked me to the ground.  Miss Johnson came running and immediately began rubbing my hurting neck.  Because sixth graders do not cry, I fought back tears.  To protect my dignity and to insure my welfare, Miss Johnson laid my head on her shoulder.  I then cried profusely and literally soaked her blouse.  But no one knew.  Having the assurance that I was okay, she winked at me and said, “You’re going to be just fine.  Run along.”
Some years back, I was saddened to learn that my wonderful teacher has passed away.  She certainly died before her time.  My life is better because of her!  Hope Community Church honors all teachers, specifically our current Jefferson Elementary School teachers.  Thanks for all you do to impact young lives!



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