Pastors: Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Some people avoid elections like a plague. Not me! I have voted in 9 presidential elections since 1974. I remember voting for Gerald Ford as a college student. I was elated!

Sadly, however, as the political landscape of America continues to disintegrate, where gross disrespect, open displays of anger, harsh name calling, unbiblical core values, evil reports, physical altercations between parties, and an ever-growing hatred for authority are hailed as desirable, I wonder what has happened. The new normal suggests that if someone disagrees with me, he is automatically my enemy and that I should avoid him at all cost. If someone lives a different lifestyle than I, then I am free to attack them. Many people, including many Christians, are unable to separate their strong opinions from their run-away emotions. So-called prophets are stirring Christ followers with their gospel of hate. Some pastors are using their pulpit to ignite extreme “left wing” retaliation. The outcome has brought confusion and strife in the ranks of American evangelicalism. Over this I weep. Our constitutional right to free speech, if not employed wisely, only serves to divide and cause further stress and anxiety. John Q. Public is not coping well.

For these reasons and more, I have asked those in my local church to refrain from discussing five matters in the lobby of our church, in small groups and other church events. The primary topics are partisan politics and conspiracy theories that threaten to set godly people on the edge of strife. As we approach the Election of 2024, I’m afraid that political tension will reach a boiling point, and many will be subject to great harm. Instead of fighting one another, let’s remember who our real enemy is, and pray like never before: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

The remaining three topics to avoid discussing at church include:

Doctrines that divide. End time events, the Trinity, prophetic words, gifts of the Holy Spirit are better left for those skilled in the preaching and teaching of the Word

People who leave the church. The reasons are many and varied. God’s people need to leave this unfortunate aspect of every church’s life to the trusted discretion of godly pastors. When individuals take these matters into their own hands, gossip and discord prevail. Often, believers take on the offenses of others and forget that they are not privy to the “whole story.” People have always left churches, and this will continue. While that’s generally a sad thing, it can at times be the best thing for both them and the church. Please don’t enable people who leave for inappropriate reasons by continuing to entertain their critical, irresponsible attitudes.  

Pastors and other leaders. Negatively discussing the pastor’s personality, flaws, weaknesses, administrative decisions, preaching, and leadership abilities only leads to heartache and division. None of us deserve to face character assassinations. If you see something that concerns you, then pray. Whatever you do, don’t stir anti-pastor, elder, or other leader sentiments.  

Local pastors are “watchmen on the wall.” As under shepherds of God’s flock, they must remain diligent to protect the sheep and church unity. I take these matters very seriously.  

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