Post-COVID Church: Breaking the Chains of Isolation

I’m not one to speculate, but obviously the COVID virus did not originate in heaven, but somewhere in the corridors of hell. Whatever the devil does, he targets the Church of Jesus, and specifically, the local church. Here we are, almost three years beyond the world-wide pandemic and the impact of mandatory quarantines continues to affect God’s people. Quarantine requires isolation. And isolation is a mental and emotional killer. It subtly creates spiritual setbacks.


As a pastor, I join hundreds of other pastors across the nation in pleading with the people of God to no longer isolate themselves from the house of God. Many have forsaken the assembly of themselves together, as stated in Hebrews 10:25, and the consequences of this decision have been staggering. Here are three major problems that isolation caused by COVID has created:


1. People stand alone during difficult days. They render null and void any kind of spiritual support system. If they fall, they have no one to help pick them up (Ecclesiastes 4:9)


2. People allow their minds to become toxic, embracing attitudes that open them up to the temptation of sin, depression, disillusionment and even anger. Some also become self-serving and critical.


3. People fail to understand that the local church needs them. No man is an island. We were made to connect. We are members one of another, and we all have something to offer our Christian brothers and sisters.


Beloved children of God, put aside any offenses, disagreements, or misunderstandings. Re-prioritize your weekly schedule, and make a new resolve to become faithful to your local church. The COVID pandemic may have caused a temporary setback, but we must not allow it to keep us from coming together as the body of Christ. Remember, we were not meant to face these challenges alone, but with the support and encouragement of our Christian brothers and sisters in the local church.


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