Questions While at Church

Questions While at Church

Gathering with God’s people over the years has been a wonderful highlight of my life. I absolutely love the praise and worship, the preached Word, giving in the offering, hanging out with others who love Jesus, and the moving of the Spirit. I even enjoy the announcements!  

Let me describe the anatomy of a church service and what I look for on Sundays.

As I look around, I ask myself…

Did they argue and fight before or on the way to church, or did they arrive in peace? (This determines their readiness to participate)

Did they arrive early, ready to meet with God and one another?

Who’s missing?

Are they okay?

What are they doing that has kept them away?

Have they beforehand alerted the church family, so we can pray? 

Have they allowed lesser pursuits to keep them away, again?

Are they struggling with something?

How can we reach out, without them feeling judged?

How can I redirect those who insist on pouring out their complaints or talking about their problems, and not consider what others may be going through?  

As I Look around, I ask myself…

Are people truly expecting something from Jesus?

Are they discouraged?

Are they lonely?

Has sin and life’s struggles overwhelmed them?

Do faces register victory or defeat?

What about the introverts?

What can I do to draw them out?

How do I approach those whose body language says, “Leave me alone?”

Are they socially awkward or paralyzed by fear? 

Do they find it difficult to enter in?

Is that why they often sit and stare?

As I look around, I ask myself

Why do some sing while others do not? 

Why do they simply stand and stare? 

Why do some appear bored and refuse to participate?

Why don’t they respond? 

What’s holding them back?

Did I pray for them?

Is the Spirit touching hearts?

Are cares being surrendered and washed away?

Any wrestling with besetting sins?

Are there any who really don’t know Jesus?

Who is finding peace in the middle of their storm?

Are grateful hands lifted in praise?

As I look around, I ask myself…

Did folks come prepared to give?

Are they cheerful givers?

Did some give nothing?

I wonder why.

Why would anyone attend a service and give nothing–even the widow’s mite?

Have they no appreciation and love for what Jesus did for them?

Are they living outside their means, unable to give to the Lord’s work?

As I look around, I ask myself…

Did they bring their Bible or app?

Are they settled in, ready to listen to God’s Word?

Are they in tune with the speaker (the pastor)?

Are they mixing the Word with faith?

What sin is the Holy Spirit confronting in their lives?

Are they ready to repent?

During the response time, do they yield to the Spirit’s call?

Did individuals pray for one another?

As I look around, I ask myself…

Did any exit the building without engaging in conversation?

Who couldn’t get out fast enough?

Are people laughing and enjoying one another’s company?

Do they seek out friends?

Are they making eye contact, or is their exchange superficial?

Finally, as I look around, I wonder…

Are they different from when they arrived?

Are they ready to face another week of challenges?

Have they truly met with the Lord?

I pray so!

Please understand. I’ve pastored churches for over 40 years, and I know the telltale signs of healthy believers and churches. I, of course, never audibly ask the above questions, for some of them may seem judgmental but these are the things I ask myself. 

What do YOU ask yourself while at church?


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