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Quit Dating the World  

I did not date a lot in either high school or college. Perhaps the biggest reason was that I was shy. It was hard for me to even talk to girls, much less ask them out for a date. Second, I was particular! I refused to date a girl I wasn’t willing to marry. When I was a senior in high school, a precious pastor’s wife said to me regarding my future mate, “Roger, don’t ever settle for second best.” I never forgot her wonderful counsel.

It’s not that I was perfect, or even “a catch,” I knew that becoming unequally yoked with an unbeliever would eventually pull me down spiritually. I wanted to marry a girl who loved Jesus more than me! I prayed for a girl who had high morals, and a calling on her life for ministry. I wanted not only a companion for life but someone who understood that “the two shall become one flesh.” These words refer not only to sex but a shared life in every area. Lori and I married 47 years ago after both of us quit dating others. 

That’s what happens when we become Christians. We quit dating the world! After we invite Jesus to be both Savior and Lord, we come under new ownership. Again, we no longer “date the world.” We forsake the world! Always remember, we may be in the world but we’re not of the world. The world’s values, beliefs, and attitudes no longer determine our conduct. I no longer do what the world says is fun. My new Master shows me a more righteous way–the road to peace, joy and happiness.

We must stop “dating” when we come to Jesus. He must become and remain the true love of our life. That’s why it doesn’t work for us to serve “both God and mammon,” for if we do, we will grow to hate one or the other.” The principle here refers to not only money, but to whatever attempts to steal our affections away from Jesus. Make no room for compromise in your life. You can’t date the world and love Jesus, too. The pull of sin is strong, and when we compromise our righteous standards, we begin traveling down a slippery slope toward compromise and defeat. 

If you’re married to Christ, quit dating the world!  


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