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The late David Wilkerson wrote a book in 1973 entitled, “The Vision.”  I believe Wilkerson was a prophetic voice to our nation, as many of the things he wrote about in his bestseller have come to pass.  Rev. Wilkerson covered many subjects, but perhaps none more poignant than a “spirit of perversion” that would be loosed upon America in the years ahead.  Since the writing of his book, national morals have plummeted to an all-time low.
The recent dismissal of NBC’s Today co-host, Matt Lauer, has shaken our collective conscience.  Other sexual improprieties have also come to light, as politicians, Hollywood actors and other media gurus have been exposed on television newscasts.  Surely we are living in a day where “those things done in the dark (secret) are being brought out into the light.”
I would like to address especially men in this blog. 
Gentlemen, the enemy of our soul has targeted us to fail morally.  An onslaught of sexually charged stimuli has filled our lives.  Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with sexually explicit material – the Internet, Netflix, magazines, Facebook, regular television, Pay-for-View television, movies, highway billboards, etc.  Pornography, a multi-billion dollar industry continues to captivate the eyes and minds of men by the millions.  Marriages are shipwrecked by its devastating consequences.   And both husbands and wives are falling prey to its destructive hold. 
Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise.  Teenage pregnancy rates have escalated.  The “F-Bomb” is now an acceptable adjective used in daily communication by both those inside and outside the church.  Sexual harassment has increased in the American workplace.  Sexual intercourse outside the bonds of a committed marital relationship is now the “new norm.” 
The recent death of “Playboy’s” founder Hugh Hefner created a media frenzy that again highlighted America’s preoccupation with sex. His media empire portrayed women as objects of pleasure, instead of elevating them to a level of dignity and respect.   In short, we are sinking in a cesspool of moral filth.
Men, never think for a minute that you cannot fall to the temptations that fill our lives.  Matt Lauer, and countless others who have yielded to sexual impropriety need our prayers, not our judgment.  We need to weep over the fall-out. 
Recent public exposures take my mind to the Old Testament book of Judges.  In chapters 16-18 we read the story of Samson, Israel’s strongman – the Arnold Schwarzenegger of his day.  Lust reduced him to a buffoon!  The prophet-playboy, who, under the enablement of the Holy Spirit tied 300 foxtails together and burned the fields of his enemies; and later slaughtered 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey, was brought down by a lust-driven lifestyle.  Samson, who toyed with women and sex, believing himself to be invincible, died before his time.  Unbridled lust was the culprit.
Samson, who evidently placed a strong emphasis upon physical fitness, never mastered his passions.  His out-of-control thought life led to his ultimate destruction.  Yes, men who have experienced saving grace still fall to lust.  It’s a fact.  Satan’s diabolical schemes constantly try to move us from love to lust. 
We are sexual creatures who have sex drives.  In the right context, sexual pleasure is both holy and wonderful.  Nothing is more satisfying than a husband and his wife expressing their love through mutual sexual gratification.  But sex turned selfish leaves us empty and unfulfilled.  Such conduct produces guilt, which often leads to shame.
Godly man, may I pray for you?
“Lord Jesus, we live in a sex-saturated culture, and the enemy of our soul incessantly tempts men to forfeit their righteous lifestyle.  Your Word tells us to “take captive any thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.”  Would you impress upon us the absolute necessity to “flee from fornication,” and to only think upon those things that are pure?   And Lord, lead us to find honest accountability partners to whom we can turn in our hour of temptation.  Finally, help us to rid our lives of any stimuli that might open the door to lust in our lives.  We do not want to become another shamed statistic Lord; we want to remain morally pure.  In Jesus Name, Amen.”



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