The Little Things

Rosie reminded me the other day that little things pack a powerful punch in regards to the Christian life.  Those things seldom talked about that make someone’s day. 

Rosie is blind and spends most of her day either lying in bed or sitting in her wheelchair, taking in the sounds of familiar voices.  She is sweetness personified!  Jesus is her best friend and she is quick to talk about him to anyone who visits her.  Her infamous saying is, “God loves you and I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

This 86 year-old victim of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a widow who was never blessed with children, so she poured her life into her husband and church work.  Boy, does she have stories to tell!

Because of swallowing problems, Rosie has been forced to eat her food pureed.  I refer to it as “grown up baby food.”  Each time I visit her, she mentions – several times – what she wouldn’t do for a piece of barbecued chicken.  Note to self:  “One day make her day!”

Recently, Rosie woke up experiencing severe melancholy.  Sadness captured her heart and she asked the Lord, “Do you really love me and are you really with me?  Lord, I need to know you haven’t left me.” 

Rosie then petitioned the Lord:  “If you really love me, then have someone bring me barbecued chicken today.” Tears flowed as the little woman prayed in earnest. 

While traveling mid-morning to visit Rosie, I had a lot on my mind, and barbecued chicken was not one of them.  However, as I turned west toward Rosie’s skilled living facility, the thought entered my mind:  “Buy Rosie some barbecued chicken.” The Lord made it easy for me too. Immediately to my right was a Kentucky Fried Chicken! 

Minutes later I found Rosie in the dining room preparing to eat her pureed food.  I said, “Rosie, it’s Chaplain Roger and guess what?  I brought you that barbecued chicken meal I promised you.”

Rosie began to cry and then her crying turned to joy.  She shouted for all in the room to hear:  “You DO LOVE ME,” she yelled.  That little lady cried, shouted and praised the Lord for five minutes before she settled down to eat her ”finger licking good” chicken tenders, smothered in barbecue sauce.   After telling me her story, I too rejoiced.  That day a mighty woman of God, who suffered a temporary lapse in faith, found renewed assurance of God’s love and concern for her through a barbecued chicken meal.

You see, sometimes God uses little things to speak to us and to impact us in huge ways.



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