The “One” Principle: God’s Plan for Church Leadership (2)

In last week’s blog, I introduced God’s “One” Principle when it comes to how He extends His kingdom on Earth. God, in His wisdom, chooses to use individuals to lead local churches and other ministries. Recognized and called leaders take the gospel to the nations. Imperfection joins Perfection and the lost are won. I previously gave several “One” Principle examples as we walked through the pages of the Old Testament. Now, I wish to demonstrate this principle as seen in several New Testament leaders.

The gospel writers – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – give us “snapshots” of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Luke writes the history of the Early Church – the book of Acts.

Peter writes two epistles John writes three, along with the Revelation of Jesus Christ. James writes a beloved treatise on faith versus works. 

The writer to the Hebrews deals with the doubts of Jewish believers by showing how salvation in Jesus Christ is clearly superior to the Jewish Law.

Paul writes two-thirds of the New Testament. His epistles teach us how to walk out our faith.

Yes, God typically uses one man or one woman to lead the way. He chose not to use committees to reveal and implement His plan, for as someone said, “The Israelites would still be in Egypt!” 

Have you noticed the propensity of church leaders, or mankind in general, to operate in extremes? The sin nature tends to promote imbalance and bypasses healthy boundaries. One working definition of sin is “to break boundaries.” We go where God tells us not to! We trespass. We operate in danger zones. Think about the Ten Commandments. Did God give us these boundaries to punish us, or to crash our party? Of course not! 

He knew if we lived inside these boundaries, we would enjoy His protective custody, and live happy, fulfilled lives. Unfortunately, opponents of pastor-led churches point to the Principle of Extremes to support their concerns. Their fear of a “one-man show” often overrides the will of God. However, two wrongs don’t make one right! The abuse of authority is a possibility at any level, at any time. But I believe God places checks and balances within each local church to protect His plan and His people from becoming imbalanced, controlling or manipulative. 

I still contend that more than one head constitutes a freak, and that God’s people suffer when His “One” Principle design is negated. We all need one pastor-leader from whom we learn and are tended, as sheep of a given pasture (local church).

I thank God for the wonderful pastors-shepherds He placed in my life. They protected my soul, and modeled the Christian life in such an effective manner. What are your thoughts on this “One” Principle?

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