When It’s All Said and Done

My wife and I recently took a group of people through a video series on the book of Matthew.  Actually, the script WAS the book of Matthew and the actor who played Jesus was superb.  He accurately spoke Jesus’ words and beautifully captured the emotions of each event in the narrative. Matthew’s “snapshots” of Jesus’ life and ministry were astounding as we were transported back in time!

The book of Matthew was written to a Jewish audience.  The writer’s goal was to present Jesus as their long-awaited Messiah.  The story of His birth, His baptism in the River Jordan, the feeding of the four thousand, then later five thousand astounds the imagination.  His dealings with the Scribes and Pharisees, His miracles, and ultimately His mock trial, crucifixion, death and resurrection all capture the essence of His short life and life-changing wonderful ministry.

Toward the end of Matthew’s discourse, I was deeply touched by Jesus’ parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30).  Something Jesus said twice captured my attention and my heart.  The Master rewards the first two men and condemns the third for not using his talents (gifts) wisely.

Jesus told the wise investors, “Well done thou good and faithful servant…”

Then it hit me.  One day we will stand before the Lord and judged according to our faithfulness.  The big question will not be, “Did you preach to thousands?”  Or, “Did you raise your kids to be preachers?”

No.  On that day we will be judged according to our faithfulness while on earth.  To put it another way, we will be measured by what we did with the gifts and assignment the Lord placed upon us.  I will not be compared with Billy Graham.  I will not be compared with other pastors and ministries.  Jesus will reward me according to how I invested my gifts and calling.  Was I faithful to what he called me to do?  Not, was I perfect, but was I faithful.  Not, did I make mistakes?  But was I faithful.

Church cleaners who were faithful to their calling will hear, “Well done!”  Faithful single moms will hear, “Well done!”  Billy Graham will hear “Well done,” not because he preached the gospel to millions of people over his lifetime, but because he was faithful to what God called HIM to do. 

What assignment has God placed upon your life?  What innate gifts get you up in the morning?  Understand something.  This measure of judgment will be qualitative, not quantitative.  Numerical statistics will have nothing to do with Jesus’ evaluation of your life’s work.  Only your faithfulness to what He called you to do.

Like you, I relish the day when Jesus looks me in the eyes and says, “Roger, well done my faithful servant.”  Oh what a day!



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