Why I Love the Local Church?

Believe me.  I know there’s a lot wrong with the local church.  I get it.  I view it firsthand; but I still say, “The church at its worst is still better than the world at it best!”
I fell in love with the local church concept during my boyhood and it’s the local church that clearly and totally directed my life.  I can’t imagine NOT being part of a local church family. 
First, understand that I’m not talking about a building.  I’m referring to any group of people who meet to honor and worship Jesus Christ on Sundays or whenever.  I meet folks who have elected not to attend a local church, and who have found “chapter and verse” to disprove the manner in which American churches operate. 
Guess what? Some of what they say is absolutely correct!  However, until someone comes up with a better Christ-honoring method or a better way to run the local church, I’M NOT JUMPING SHIP!

Let me say it again – the local church is people, not a building.  The local church, for all its idiosyncrasies, hang-ups, irrelevant methodologies, governmental flaws, control freaks, hypocrites, broken people (that includes me) is still:

1. The primary agency that God designed to win the lost.  I would not be in the kingdom of God today were it not for a local church that “preached Christ and Him crucified.”  Heaven will be populated because local churches preached the gospel and gave people the opportunity to meet our Savior.  Teachers and preachers who “rightfully divide the Word” and faithfully preach about God’s plan of salvation remain my heroes!

2. The primary agency that sends out missionaries and supports missionary enterprises around the world.  Local churches in the United States are still the largest contributors to world missions.

3. The primary agency that comes alongside families to reach, train and support their children.  Godly morals and values are taught that righteously guide our kids through life.  We’ve heard it said that “it takes a village to raise a child.”  That may be true, but the Christ-honoring local churches that line our village streets contribute the most to an upbringing that would otherwise neglect the value of a soul.  My four children of course, were raised in church; and their mother and I made sure they had every opportunity to come to faith in Christ at an early age.  They all serve the Lord today and credit the local church for both their personal salvation and life’s direction.

4. The primary agency that comes alongside families/individuals during times of transition:  Births, baptisms/dedications, weddings, funerals, times of unemployment, sickness, tragedy, etc.  Life would be lonely, empty and lack fulfillment were it not for loving, caring church families who “do life together.”

Listen carefully local church critic.  Yes, there’s a lot wrong with all churches – I’ll give you that much.  But there’s a lot more that’s right!  And if Jesus Christ thought enough of the church to die for it, that’s good enough for me!

Criticize the preacher, the preaching, the music, the appeals for offerings the people, and you still cannot say enough to make me walk away from life’s most singular joy after my blood family – the church family! We who know the Lord have been bought by His precious blood and that’s enough to carry us through this life and the one to follow. 



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