Why Write a Blog?

Why do I write a weekly blog?  What of significance do I have to say?  Believe me, I pondered these questions before I took pen in hand one year ago.  “Back in Jefferson” is one year old.

One of my “loves” is writing.  My training drives me to use a journalistic style that couples fact with creative writing.  I hope you enjoy my weekly contributions.

So, why do I write this blog?  At 62 years old, I find myself asking the hard questions.  Statistically, I’m at the two-thirds mile marker in my life.  I have crossed paths with realistically hundreds of people, who have touched my life in ways too numerous to recount.  I am who I am because of the Lord, my family and the lives I have encountered over six decades.  Many of them have finished their earthly sojourn and heaven waits to reunite us. 

Highlights to date include:

·     My boyhood years in Jefferson (specifically Sheffield Township).  I grew up at 2832 Maple Road.

·     A quality education in the Jefferson Area School System (the buildings may be gone but the benefits of a “Grade A” education still impact my life.

·     Wonderful parents, who did their best.  Both came to faith in Christ and I’m anxious to see them again!

·     Four grandparents who loved me and poured into my life as a boy.

·     Six siblings – they’re all different, but precious in their own right.

·     Countless cousins, aunts, uncles and friends who brought joy to me (still do!)

·     My salvation and call to preach on August 4, 1970.

·     Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree and met my life partner.

·     Lori Owens, my wife of 42 years and my best friend.

·     Four kids who make me beyond proud.  Sarah, Adam, Zach and Hannah, your dad adores all of you.

·     Six grandkids I don’t get to see enough, but who in long-distance fashion make me a gloating grandfather (Papaw).

·     Liberty University, where I earned my Master’s Degree and where I grew exponentially in my Bible knowledge.

·     Cathedral Christian School in Birmingham, AL, where I taught high school English for three years.  Several of my former students still keep in touch.

·     Five churches, where I learned not only how to pastor but how to be a Christian:

         Faith Assembly of God, Kernersville, N.C

         Leeds Assembly of God, Leeds, AL

         Burton Assembly of God, Burton, OH

         First Assembly of God, Wadsworth, OH

         Cross Community Church, Elyria, OH

·     Working for Crossroads Hospice and now Harbor Light.  Being a hospice chaplain is both stressful and glorious.  I appreciate this sacred trust!

·     Working alongside Pastors Jim and Jennifer Wilkes at Journey Church in Fairview Park.  Their passion for church planting moved Hope Community Church from a dream to a home, located at 573 Goodale Road in Jefferson.  Pastors, I owe you a debt of gratitude.

·     Two missions trips to Kenya with a third one on the radar.  A trip to the Holy Land with a second one coming up in late September.  Can’t wait!

·     The privilege of co-pastoring Jefferson’s newest church – the joy of seeing people who are far from God finding new life in Christ.  I am blessed for sure!

Why do I write a weekly blog?  What’s inside me begs expression.  I’ll let you determine if my experiences grantß me the right to write!  I, of course, don’t have all the answers but I love asking the questions!  My blog, as you perhaps know, covers a lot of different topics.  I hope I have given you something to think about over the past twelve months. 

More to come! Invite your friends to check it out.



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