Ironically, pastors are some of the most isolated people on the planet. My new book, Monday Morning Preacher (click here to review and purchase)was written to:

  1. Help pastors identify specific church issues that precipitate people exits.
  2. Come alongside discouraged pastors to inform and instruct in areas of weekly church life.
  3. Distribute in new member classes.
  4. Provide biblical support for the local church’s right to exist.
  5. Remind pastors that while the most formidable enemy of the local church is Satan, the church’s most common and often overlooked foe rises up from within. 
  6. Help pastors throw open their front doors, and in the process minimize back door exits.

“The Power of an Invitation”--My Personal History

A pastor and his wife visited my boyhood home in 1963 when I was 7. They invited my family to attend their little church, and subsequently, I was born again and called to preach the gospel. I’m definitely a cheerleader for the local church!

Now, looking back over 45 years of Bible school, marriage to another local-church fan, 2 youth pastor positions, lead pastor of 6 churches in 3 states, 4 kids, 8 grandkids, a hospice chaplaincy, 5 books, and interaction with thousands of people, I consider myself blessed.

While I’ve made my share of mistakes during the past 5 decades, my heart’s desire is to resource pastors and other church leaders through my books, blog, new converts’ manuals and one-on-one conversations, hopefully imparting help and encouragement.

Remember, we don’t have to pastor people and do the work of the ministry. We get to!